My Politic

April 28

Kaston Guffey and Nick Pankey grew up together in Ozark MO and started My Politic around the age of 15.  My Politic has recorded 10 albums to date. Their album Missouri Folklore provides intelligent, thoughtful insights not only into their home state but also the complexities and paradoxes of what it is to be human.  

The band has been featured in American Songwriter,and has  appeared at Americanafest and multiple times at The Bluebird Cafe. 

Country music dressed in rags rather than rhinestones with lyrics that wonderfully explore broken dreams and small town aspirations. ”

My Politic has been all over the country for years thriving in intimate house concerts settings,listening rooms, dive bars and everywhere in between. My Politic is unique mid-western storytelling in harmony. 

Make reservations to attend this show by clicking on the donation button.  The music begins at 1 PM for this show. 

We suggest a minimum donation of  $20 per person, 100 percent of your gift goes to the band.

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